Custom Gifting

Here at Harper & Hayes, we offer a true end-to-end gifting experience.

For Customers with more exacting needs, we can tailor-make your gift boxes through our custom design process.

We can bring your vision to life by assisting in the content process and also offer customisation options such as embossing and logo engraving on the finished gift boxes.

Our custom design process

Step 1 – Consultation

We will take the time to get to know you and understand your vision.  We can sit with you and complete a questionnaire to assist in getting it right.

Step 2 – Proposal

We will explore your options and send you content shortly thereafter.

Step 3 – Finishing Details

Once approved, we will begin the customisation process in order for your gift to perfectly fit your brand.

Step 4 – Finished Goods

We will make a seamless transaction for you and take care of every step along the way to ensure your gifts arrive safely.