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“Life’s a voyage that’s homeward bound.” – Herman Melville

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COLANTIS – $108.00

A few easy to pack travel essentials that he’ll treasure and enjoy away from home.  Hand selected from New York and beyond for comfort and care.  Perfect for bon voyage or business gratitude.


  • BROOKLYN CANDLE STUDIO TRAVEL MAN CANDLE – TOBACCODerived from 100% American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn.  Lovely top nots of leather, musk, amber and tobacco meet middle notes of black tea and base notes of patchouli and sandlewood.  Lead-free cotton wick.  Made in small batches in Brooklyn, New York.
  • FORMULARY55 CLAY & COCONUT SHAVING BALM.  Ultra rich, fresh, invigorating, herbal and dense, this versatile shaving soap is made with green clay and coconut milk.  The scent is a blend of over 8 different botanicals along with Formulary55’s signature 100% essential oil.  Packaged in a round tin that can be used as a shaving cup with brush, it can also be used as a bath bar.  Formulary55 is an emerging cult beauty brand where all bath and body products are made in small batches.  Formulated with intention and handcrafted with care in Colorado, USA.
  • PORTUS CALE FRAGRANCE SACHET.  With a high concentration of perfume, this fragrant sachet with notes of citrus, cedar and amber, is manufactured with Portuguese cork and absorbs and releases in a slow and prolonged way.  Hang in the closet, car or place in your drawers or suitcase.
  • PALO SANTO STICK BUNDLE.  Sustainably sourced from the fallen branches of Ecuadorian trees, the Palo Santo is ideal for cleansing your space, purifying the air, and uplifting the mood.
  • HARPER & HAYES KEEPSAKE WOOD BOX.   Reusable and just perfect for storing treasured mementos, photos and heirlooms.
  • HARPER & HAYES GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your message (or blank card included).
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