Epicurean – Deluxe


“Happiness is the settling of the soul into its most appropriate spot.” – Aristotle

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Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

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Combining the tastes of chocolatey and savoury to delight the senses, with some hard-wearing keepsakes which they will go to again and again, a celebration gift for the best host/ess or housewarming.


  • OLIVE WOOD BOARD.  Handcrafted using natural olive wood in Tunisia, our range of kitchen utensils is hard, durable and non-porous.  Each piece is unique and becomes even darker, richer and more beautiful in colour as it ages.  Hand Made in Tunisia from old growth trees that have stopped producing olives.  Sustainable timber.
  • FOG LINEN WORK TEA TOWEL.  A hard-working kitchen staple, this cloth is durable, long-lasting, and complete with a cotton loop for easy hang-dry.  It will grow softer and more absorbent with every wash.  Tartain design.  100% linen.  Made in Japan.
  • MARGARET RIVER COASTAL PEPPERMINT HONEY.  Discover the unique flavours of indigenous flora from Western Australia.  This Coastal Peppermint Honey is a dark, luscious, thick honey, which does not crystallise.  Despite the name, there is no prominent taste or aroma of peppermint, although you may detect a hint of mint depending on the season.  The aroma is rich, warm and inviting whilst the flavour is full-bodied and complex with notes of dried orange rind, toffee, clove and allspice, then finished with a warm pepperiness at the back of the palate provide balance to the underlying sweetness.
  • MOREISH MENU GARLIC & ROSEMARY LAVOSH SHARDS.  Using exceptional ingredients for an outstanding taste, these premium shards are created with gifting in mind.  Hand-made using Australian and organic ingredients sourced from some of the finest producers then flavoured with carefully sourced organic herbs and spices.  Made in The Blue Mountains, NSW.  100gm.
  • KNUTSFORD GOURMET FENNEL & SEA SALT GRAHAM CRACKERS.  A short buttery biscuit perfectly balanced with sweet and salty then complimented using toasted fennel seeds.  Pairs beautifully with a strong blue cheese or mature cheddar.  Made in Perth.
  • TASMAN’S HARVEST FIG & SESAME PURE FRUIT PASTE.  Hand-crafted using ingredients at their finest of figs, walnuts, honey, sesame seeds and spices.  Best served with favourite cheeses.  Made in small batches in Middleton, Tasmania.
  • WONDAREE MACADAMIA NUTS – ROASTED.  Deliciously crunchy and roasted in sea salt, these premium quality macadamia nuts are grown by a small farmstead on the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Qld.
  • BAHEN & CO ORGANIC MILK CHOCOLATE.  Made from Madagascan cacao from the Somia Plantation, then combined with organic milk.  Distinctively creamy with notes of caramel and shortbread.  Bahen’s beans are honourably sourced, roasted, cracked, winnowed, stone ground, conched and aged using rare vintage machines.  Made in micro batches in Margaret River.
  • BAHEN & CO ORGANIC MILK CHOCOLATE – HONEY MACADAMIA.  Slow roasted Australian Macadamias drizzled with Jarrah honey combined with Bahen’s organic milk chocolate.  Made in micro batches in Margaret River.
  • SEASONAL DRIED FLORAL BUNDLE.  A signature floral touch to brighten the home.
  • H&H KEEPSAKE WOOD BOX.  Reusable and just perfect for storing treasured mementos, photos and heirlooms.
  • H&H GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your message (or blank card included).
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