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“The secret to humour is surprise.” – Aristotle

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Gift the experience of new and exciting tastes.  Enjoy the best produce on offer from the far corners of Australia.


  • DAVID FUSSENEGGER BAROLO VELVET THROW – TWO-TONED RED.  A soft and luxurious light uni-turn velour plush blanket with hemmed edging suitable for any season.  Made of 85% cotton, 8% viscose and 7% polyacrylic.  Washable at 30 degrees.  Size 135cm x 200cm.  Made in Austria.
  • HAMMERED BRASS MINI BOWL.  This small brass bowl has been hammered and polished by hand, with a subtle antique finish. It is perfect for serving dry food snacks, storing trinkets or using as a feature piece by itself.  It has been passed through many hands to arrive here.
  • MISTY’S SALTED CARAMEL – CHILLI.  This shot of chilli can be used as a sweet sauce, on pork belly, chicken or an addition to a cheese platter.  Also available in various flavours and vegan upon request.  375ml.  Made in Windsor.
  • MAKER COFFEE – THE MAVEN.  A washed-process coffee marked by its lush mouth feel, fruity sweetness, and complex acidity.  Its current iteration is made up of coffee from the Tenza Valley, in Colombia.  This region has a wide range of altitudes, which results in zones with varying temperatures and micro-climates. Expect notes of apple, caramelized orange and dark chocolate.  Made in Richmond.  250gm.
  • SISKO CHOCOLATE – SALTED CARAMEL MILK CHOCOLATE DISCS.  Salty, caramel milk chocolate discs lovingly hand-made in an historic pocket of Hawthorn.  100gm.
  • THE TASMANIAN GOURMET SAUCE COMPANY HOT WHISKY MUSTARD.  Hand-made from Julie Barber’s beautiful farmstead in Evandale, Tasmania, this dark coloured seeded mustard is steeped in Tasmanian malt whisky.  Serve with meats, vegetables and cheeses.  Mix with apricot chutney and yoghurt or sour cream to make a superb dip.  190gm.
  • THE TASMANIAN GOURMET SAUCE COMPANY RASPBERRY SAUCE.  Gorgeous Julie Barber has been perfecting this pure fruit sauce by hand for decades from her beautiful farmstead in Evandale, Tasmania.  Rich and fruity, the flavour is dependent on cold Tasmanian Winters to produce the raspberries Tasmania is famous for.  This sauce is used for sweet and savoury dishes.  Perfect for hot and cold desserts or over fresh fruit and yoghurt.  250ml.
  • HILL TOP HIVES HONEY X SUNNY CREEK BERRY FARM HONEY – BLACKBERRY.  This limited release of raw honey is collected from hives in the green rolling hills of Gippsland, Victoria.  300gm.
  • THE BISCUIT SHOP YO-YOS – WHITE CHOCOLATE.  Lovingly hand-made in small batches in Boolarra, Victoria by brilliant baker, Jamie Sciberras.  Pack of 8.
  • KNUTSFORD GOURMET GINGER & HAZELNUT MIX & BAKE BARK.  Add water, olive oil and sea salt for a uniquely flavoured cracker ready to match with its perfect pairing of your favourite cheese or the base for a canape starter.  200gm.  Made in Perth.
  • SPENCER COCOA CHOCOLATE BAR – MILK.  Single origin grown in Vanuatu and hand-roasted, ground, conched, and tempered into beautiful chocolate by Luke Spencer.  Simple ingredients, direct trade, bean-to-bar and made in Mudgee.  Made from 42% cocoa.  100gm.
  • SPENCER COCOA CHOCOLATE BAR – DARK.  Single origin grown in Vanuatu and hand-roasted, ground, conched, and tempered into beautiful chocolate by Luke Spencer.  Simple ingredients, direct trade, bean-to-bar and made in Mudgee.  Made from 72% cocoa.  100gm.
  • SISKO CHOCOLATE – DARK CHOCOLATE HONEYCOMB.  Delicious hand-made honeycomb enrobed in dark chocolate.  The team at Sisko Studio have been making decadent artisan chocolates since 2009 in historic Auburn, an unbounded neighbourhood of Hawthorn.  100gm
  • WONDAREE MACADAMIA NUTS – SOUR CREAM.  Roasted in a mix of chives, sour cream and herbs for a classic flavour, these premium quality macadamia nuts are grown by a small farmstead on the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Qld.  50g.
  • THE GRAINGE HAND-MADE JAM – RASPBERRY.  Paul Grainger lovingly makes this old-style jam in small batches whilst retaining its natural colour and flavour.  370gm.  Made in Queensland.
  • TASMAN’S HARVEST CAPSICUM RELISH.  Talented Alison Hookey from Tasman’s Harvest is an artisan producer of fine food accompaniments who appreciates the value of taking a bit more time in the creation of her products.  Best served with favourite meats and cheeses.  Hand-made, using seasonal ingredients at their finest, in small batches in Middleton, Tasmania.
  • ANTIQUE BRASS CHEESE KNIFE.  Our hand-forged brass cheese knife makes for an impressive addition to any savoury plate.
  • DRIED FLORAL WREATH.  A signature floral touch to brighten your home for the holidays.
  • HARPER & HAYES KEEPSAKE WOOD BOX WITH FESTIVE DESIGN.   Reusable and just perfect for storing tools, treasured mementos, photos and heirlooms.
  • HARPER & HAYES GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your message (or blank card included).
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