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“Today is only one day in all the days that will ever be. – Ernest Hemingway

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Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

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HIGH CALIBRE – $188.00

A handsome assortment of hard-working favourites which he will find useful for the home and travel.  Inspired by practicality for the modern lifestyle.


  • TRIUMPH & DISASTER ACACIA & GYPSOPHILA SHAMPOO.  A deep cleansing, gentle foaming, 100% naturally derived shampoo.  The formula is enhanced with fresh peppermint notes.  Tazmen pepper actively treats the scalp whilst the keratin rich formula ensures volume and structure are kept in balance and damaged hair is given the chance to recover and rebuild.  Sulphate free to avoid pore blockage and brittle hair, it utilises gentle plant based cleansers to remove build up of excess oils.  This mindful brand is proving that a green healthy future is now.  500ml pump.  Made in New Zealand.
  • TRIUMPH & DISASTER GAMEFACE MOISTURISER.  A tool to serve and protect you against the elements.  Specifically engineered to be light on the skin and easily absorbed, Gameface is a unique formulation of jojoba extract, horopito oil, ponga fern and vitamin E, combined with a subtle infusion of essential oils.  The result is a nutrient rich, hydrating cream that will leave the skin feeling toned, supple and fresh.  90gm tube.  Made in New Zealand.
  • TRIUMPH & DISASTER BOTTLE OPENER.  A nicely weighted bottle opener which he will reach for again and again.
  • WAY OF WILL GRAPEFRUIT & LAVENDER CLOTHING REFRESH SPRAY.  Freshen up your gym gear.  Designed to keep fabrics smelling fresh between laundry days.  Naturally eliminates unwanted odours in clothes and fabrics caused by sweat and active use.  Grapefruit and orange essential oils promote calm and mental clarify.  Formulated to be safe for all fabrics.  Made in Toronto, Canada.  Harper & Hayes is a trusted custodian to this fine maker in Australia.
  • YIELD DESIGN, FLORIDA, WRIGHT CANDLE.  Inspired by the desert setting of the architect’s Arizona home, the Wright candle pairs light floral rose with warm sandy tones.  The scent brings the outdoors in and crafts natural elements into a rich and distinct composition.  Hand-made and packed in Yield’s Florida Studio.  Hand-made and packed in Yield’s Florida Studio.  H&H is a trusted custodian to this fine maker in Australia.
  • SEASONAL DRIED FLORAL BUNDLE.  A signature floral touch to brighten your space.
  • H&H KEEPSAKE WOOD TRAY.   Reusable and just perfect for storing tools or your go-to items.
  • H&H GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your message (or blank card included).


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Dimensions 255 × 180 × 115 in


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