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Shouts – Grand


“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” – Charles Chaplin

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We continue to cross-collaborate with many of our finest Australian lifestyle producers, to bring you the quality you’ve come to expect from us.  Plenty of whites and neutrals run through our hamper and gift ranges to effortlessly fit into any home.  Expect to also find products that are exclusive to us in Australia.  A Harper & Hayes gift hamper is always well received and comes with our exceptional attention to detail and extra layers of luxury that you won’t find anywhere else.


SHOUTS – GRAND – $290.00

A thoughtful collection from here and around the world which calls for a few quiet moments of relaxation.  A party for one or many.


  • NO. 209 GIN.  A small batch, handcrafted, elevated spirit with a flavour for the 21st Century cocktail revolution.  The finest possible gin for those who care about what they drink.  Vastly different form the juniper-heavy gins of the past, the No. 209 opens with a beautifully aromatic nose of predominately citrus and floral notes with a hint of spiciness.  First across the palate are the citrus high notes, with lemon followed by a hint of orange.  As the spirit warms in the mouth, delicate floral notes are liberated from the bergamot and coriander.  Mid-palate, there is a pepper-like warmth from the emerging cardamom and juniper.  As the cardamom continues to bloom across the palate, mint-like components further emerge.  The cassia and other warm spice notes become prominent on the finish.  The cassia in particular lingers, encouraging another sip.  Distilled five times in total with the final distillation taking place in a copper pot alembic still in the traditional method, while only keeping a small heart of the distillation.  Handcrafted in small batches from start to finish by Master Distiller & Ginerator, Arne Hillesland.
  • OUR MANGO WOOD BOARD.  A very useful lightweight serving board that will be used again and again.  Tones and grain of wood will vary.
  • OUR BRASS MUDDLING SPOON.  A wonderful addition to the bar.  Made to the highest quality in India.
  • THEORY 11 PLAYING CARDS.  Premium designer playing cards that fit the hand perfectly.  Featuring elegant foil hot stamped onto ultra-lux paper derived from sustainable forests.  Pure, clean, and beautiful.  Enclosed in a premium tuck case, shielded in foil.  The card back design is printed with striking metallic ink.  Made in the USA.  H&H is a trusted custodian to this fine maker in Australia.
  • MCCREAS CARAMELS (x2).  Hand-made caramels from Boston, USA.  H&H is a trusted custodian of this brand in Australia.
  • BAHEN & CO CHOCOLATE BARS (x2).  Bahen’s beans are honourably sourced, roasted, cracked, winnowed, stone ground, conched and aged using rare vintage machines.  Made in micro batches in Margaret River.  75gm.
  • DARDIMAN’S ORANGE SLICES.  Naturally sweet fresh California oranges.
  • SEASONAL FESTIVE DECORATION.  Our signature festive touch to brighten the table or tree.
  • H&H KEEPSAKE WOOD BOX.  Reusable and just perfect for storing treasured mementos, photos and heirlooms.
  • H&H TEXTURED GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your intentional message (or blank card included).
  • H&H TRIM & EMBELLISHMENT.  Our signature finely finished detailing.
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Dimensions 255 × 180 × 115 cm


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