“Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore.” – Edgar Allan Poe

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SUMMERY – $148.00

Perfect minimal luxuries with subtle Summery scents designed to supply the ultimate in relaxation.  To be enjoyed again and again.


  • ROAM CANDLE – THE LOS ANGELES.  The City of Angels Candle reflects the feel of Los Angeles, California through aromatic blends.  Meticulously pulled essential oil scent notes of tangerine, palo santo and lemon.  Meticulously pulled essential oil scent notes of tea olive, sea salt, rosemary and magnolia.  100% American-grown soy wax.  Made in the USA.  H&H is a trusted custodian to this maker in Australia.
  • SPONGELLÉ BOTANICA BODY BUFFER – PETITGRAIN.  Spongellé’s Botanica collection celebrates the metamorphosis of nature’s pharmacopeia.  Created with scents inspired by Mother Earth’s beauty, this butterfly buffer hosts a built-in body wash infused with skin-nourishing herbal extracts.  Petitgrain makes a super fresh debut accompanied by notes of bitter orange, blended with herbal extracts of rosehip, hibiscus, and green tea.  Good for over 18 washes.  Made in the USA.  H&H is a trusted custodian to this fine maker in Australia.
  • OUR BRASS CANDLE SNUFFER.  This handmade brass accessory will sit stylishly next to a favourite candle, adding an extra hint of luxury to your relaxation space.  Measures 16cm.
  • SEASONAL DRIED FLORAL BUNDLE.  A signature floral touch to brighten your space.
  • H&H KEEPSAKE WOOD BOX.   Reusable and just perfect for storing treasured mementos, photos and heirlooms.
  • H&H GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your message (or blank card included).
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Dimensions 255 × 180 × 115 in


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