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“What I dream of is an art of balance.” – Henri Matisse

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Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

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“All Daneson’s recipes in one elegant pack.”

If at first glance, Daneson’s toothpicks taste a lot like wood don’t be surprised – that’s the oak barrel leading the charge.  Just give it a minute and a gentle bite, the essence of the spirit – the botanicals, extracts, and phenols – will start to release from deep inside the birch rewarding you with the more delicate and delicious tasting notes.  Comprising:

Cinna Mint No.7 – a warm and spicy and classic that is slightly sweetened with a touch of peppermint, not sugar.  In addition to cinnamon and peppermint, expect notes of clove and honeysuckle.
Mint No.9 – made of a menagerie of mint varieties and pleasing ingredients like wintergreen, peppermint, sweet fennel, juniper, and several other natural oils.


  • 2 bottles x 12 toothpicks per bottle in beautiful box.
  • Made from American northern white birch.
  • Real and natural ingredients.
  • For every one tree Daneson mills, one-hundred are planted in its place.
  • Made in Toronto.


Included in this gift are:

  • H&H TISSUE &/OR WRAP.  Minimally packaged in our beautiful tissue and/or paper gift wrap to highlight the integrity of the product within.  Gift boxing option available at check-out.
  • H&H GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your message (or blank card included).
Weight .9 oz
Dimensions 125 × 120 × 130 in


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