Highly Polished – Deluxe


“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Mohandas Gandhi

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Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

Gift Wrap Design

White Textured Box ($8.00)

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This year, we’ve cross-collaborated with many of our finest Australian lifestyle producers, to bring you the quality you’ve come to expect.  Plenty of whites and neutrals run through our hamper and gift ranges to effortlessly fit into any home.  Expect to also find products that are exclusive to us in Australia.  A Harper & Hayes gift hamper is always well received and comes with our exceptional attention to detail and extra layer of luxury that you won’t find anywhere else.



Perfect minimal overseas luxuries, filled with ethically chic finds that do double duty, designed to supply the ultimate in relaxation and restoration.  Exclusive to Harper and Hayes Store.


  • URB APOTHECARY ROSEHIP BATH.  This muscle and nerve easing mineral bath soak is designed to warm the heart and soothe the nerves.  Made in California.  H&H is a trusted custodian of this fine maker Australia.
  • SOPRANOLABS JASMINE ROSE OIL.  The ultimate multi-purpose beauty oil that restores the appearance of both hair and body by reinforcing the skin’s natural moisture barrier.  Rose and jasmine infused with a luxurious blend of precious oils, combined with green tea extract, it is light-weight, fast-absorbing, incredibly hydrating and protective.  The formula is 100 percent natural and preservative-free.  Made in small batches in New York.  H&H is a trusted custodian to this maker in Australia.
  • SAIPUA, NEW YORK, BERGAMOT SOAP.  A spicy blend of bergamot essential oil with the addition of clary sage and black pepper essential oils.  Hand-crafted in New York.  H&H is a trusted custodian of this fine maker in Australia.
  • OUR BRASS ROUND TRAY.  A timeless piece which will sit on your bedside or hall table that you will go to again and again.  Made to the highest quality in India.
  • H&H KEEPSAKE WOOD BOX.   Reusable and just perfect for storing treasured mementos, photos and heirlooms.  Locally made.
  • H&H TEXTURED GIFTING CARD.  Hand-written with your intentional message (or blank card included).
  • H&H TRIM & EMBELLISHMENT.  Our signature finely finished detailing.
Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 255 × 180 × 115 in


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